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I am a family-centered lawyer who helps clients address wills, trusts, full estate plans and probate concerns. As an attorney, my goal is to build relationships and become a trusted adviser for people looking to proactively take care of their affairs.

I chose to practice in the legal area of estate planning because I find assisting families unique and interesting. Relationships of all types drive our lives. I thoroughly enjoy helping clients make informed decisions about their lives. I am a skilled, compassionate attorney who can truly make that all-important difference.

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I understand that conversations involving the subject of disability or death are not an enjoyable experience. However, they represent important discussions that must take place. In many ways, proactive steps are paramount whether you are ending your marriage, selecting your beneficiaries, or creating a health care directive.

Call Neyens Law, PLLC, at 651-478-8999 or send an email to my law office in Woodbury, Minnesota. I am also available, by appointment, at my Roseville location. I look forward to hearing from you.

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