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Estate planning involves proactive steps that give you control over the distribution of your assets and the decisions made over your medical care. The process helps to achieve the goal of putting you at ease and softening the blow that comes with a tragic death.

At Neyens Law, PLLC, I understand that you have your own estate planning objectives, whether they involve money or your legacy. My job at the outset is to identify those goals and move forward with a customized strategy.

Providing Clear Direction And Peace Of Mind

While no one wants to consider the end of their life, dying is tragically inevitable. A lifetime of hard work went in to what you have now and you need to decide where those valuable assets go. You want to know that your finances will be handled appropriately if you die or become incapacitated.

Providing clear direction will give you a say and ensure that family members, particularly your spouse and children, will be provided for long into the future. Without estate planning, loved ones in highly emotional states will be forced to make difficult decisions.

Communication Is Key As Time Goes On

Sharing your estate planning directives and the reasoning behind them with family members is vital to the process. You want to prevent misunderstanding and disputes after you are gone. Those talks should also cover the smaller details, specifically the location of documents.

The drafting of enforceable wills, powers of attorney, health care directives, trusts and other estate planning mechanisms is an important step. However, life changes as the years pass. Marriage, divorce, remarriage, a child's birth, health crises or retirement may require an update to an estate plan to reflect current situations and your objectives.

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For more information on the estate planning process in Minnesota and why you should start now with the help of a lawyer, contact me at 651-478-8999 or reach me via email to set up an initial consultation. I am available for appointments at my main office in Woodbury. Limited appointments are available at my satellite office in Roseville. .

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